Welcome at Direct Drinks Distribution.

We allow brands to sell directly to consumers internationally, with local (excise) duties paid.

Our concept

The market share for E-Commerce keeps growing, and the Internet offers a wide spectrum of possibilities for brands to present themselves to consumers. Brand pages are created, providing consumers insight into products and brand values, and Social Media has made the communication lines between brands and final consumers shorter than ever before.

The thing that was missing however, is a direct multi-country sales channel to serve the potential customer. With European Excise Duty Laws as they are, it is impossible to easily ship from one country to another with local duties paid. As a result, large companies such as Amazon are often referred to as the local online point of sale, but come at the expense of margin and bring no insight in conversion.


Why selling directly to consumers?

We noticed many brands strongly have the desire to sell directly on-line to consumers, often for various reasons:

  • They have no insight in conversion of their online marketing spend
  • They desire to build a database of their customers for future (marketing) purposes
  • They have good traffic on their own website but no possibility to sell
  • They have an online-only strategy
  • They have no local distributor present in each European country
  • They have the desire for better margins

What is our solution?

To all challenges stated above, Direct Drinks Distribution proudly offers a solution. Through our network of companies and local excise offices, we can ship local duties paid to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • And expanding. On the short term we have confirmed: Spain, Italy and China

How it works?

After partnering up with Direct Drinks Distribution, the brand decides whether an entire new platform (website) is desired, or that we implement a custom-build online shop within the brand's page. Once that is completed, brands can maximise efforts on their marketing, and consumers throughout Europe can order from its page, while Direct Drinks Distribution takes care of the shipping, payment of local duties and customer service.

Through our customs-solution we also have the possibility to supply businesses throughout the countries, with local excise duties paid.

The stock on offer is stored and picked at Amsterdam Warehouse Company (under bond), and the stock is owned by the brand-owner until the products are purchased by the final consumer. A reporting of sales and calculations follows monthly, upon desire also to local distributors per country for optimal transparency. Direct Drinks Distribution works on a percentage fee on top of our purchase price + excise duty.

In short

  • With Direct Drinks Distribution as a partner, brands can offer to-consumer shipment duty paid in 7 countries and counting,
  • Direct Drinks Distribution fully handles the order process including payment, and even customer service if desired
  • Brands have 100% insight in the success of your online marketing strategy, while making better margins
  • Brands avoid being dependent on certain (online) retailers

In a more and more connected world, we believe this is the future.

Payment solutions

  • Amazon Pay
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Sofortüberweisung


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