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Ensuring Legal and Regulatory Adherence Across Borders

At Direct Drinks Distribution, we prioritize compliance with all relevant regulations to ensure smooth and legal operations across the European Union. Our commitment to regulatory adherence not only guarantees the legitimacy of our operations but also fosters trust and reliability with our customers. Below are the key measures we undertake to uphold compliance in the direct-to-consumer and direct-to-business cross-border alcohol sales sector.

VAT Registration in Every EU Country We Operate In

We are fully VAT registered in each European Union country where we conduct business, whether direct-to-consumer or direct-to-business. This ensures that we adhere to the specific VAT regulations of each member state, allowing us to collect and remit the appropriate Value Added Tax (VAT) in compliance with local laws.

Our comprehensive VAT registration across the EU demonstrates our commitment to transparent and lawful financial practices. By maintaining accurate VAT registrations, we facilitate seamless transactions and avoid legal complications, ensuring that both individual customers and business clients receive their products without unnecessary delays or issues.

Handling Excise Duty for Every Single Bottle in the Delivery Country

Excise duties are specific taxes imposed on certain goods, including alcohol. We take full responsibility for managing excise duties for every bottle we sell, tailored to the regulations of the destination country. This means we calculate, report, and pay the necessary excise duties, ensuring our products are fully compliant with local taxation laws upon delivery.

Our meticulous handling of excise duties ensures that our customers, whether individuals or businesses, are never burdened with unexpected costs or legal hurdles.

Obtaining Local Alcohol Sales Licenses in Required Countries

Certain countries within the EU mandate specific licenses for the sale of alcohol. We diligently secure and maintain all necessary local alcohol sales licenses where required, ensuring that our operations are fully authorized by local authorities.

This process involves navigating varying legal landscapes and adhering to country-specific regulations to guarantee the legality of our sales operations. By holding the appropriate licenses, we provide assurance to both our direct-to-consumer and direct-to-business customers that our products are legitimately available for sale in their regions.

Affixing Physical Tax Stamp Banderoles Where Required

In compliance with regulations in certain EU countries, we affix physical tax stamp banderoles to our alcohol products. These banderoles are official marks indicating that the necessary taxes have been paid and that the product is legally marketable

By ensuring that all required banderoles are properly applied, we uphold the integrity and legality of our products within these jurisdictions. This practice reassures our customers that they are purchasing products that meet all local regulatory requirements.

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