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Discover how we helped our partners to conquer new markets, streamline their operations, and dramatically increase their profitability.

Success for Laphroaig

In early 2019, we were tasked by Beam Suntory to manage Laphroaig.com.

We spearheaded a comprehensive platform overhaul, developing a multi-lingual, multi-currency e-commerce solution complete with dynamic VAT and excise tax calculations - a feature absent in standard offerings.

Our intensive collaboration with global teams ensured seamless integrations and a robust system that handled an order every 9 seconds during peak times, with some deliveries occurring on the same day in Berlin.

Over nearly four years, we grew Laphroaig.com's sales by triple digits annually, a testament to our operational excellence and innovative approach to digital commerce.

Brand for Fans

Since 2020, we have managed logistics for Brands for Fans, a unique venture that merges the spirits industry with rock music legends like Motörhead and Kiss.

Operating in multiple European markets, we handle everything from inventory storage to rapid order fulfillment - processing high volumes within 1-2 days during peak sales events.

Our logistical expertise ensures that every fan receives their favorite merchandise and spirits promptly, enhancing the consumer experience and strengthening brand loyalty.

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